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Alzheimer:what it is

Alzheimer is a big cause of memory loss;change in the behavior and thinking pattern is also noticed.Alzheimer disease causes and Alzheimer disease facts can be known better with the help of Alzheimer disease video.These videos provide information in a very informative manner.• Alzheimer is the most common form of dementia and no cure is available for the disease.This condition can become worse as it progresses.This condition may lead to death.

• Most commonly it is diagnosed in people over 65 years of age.Alzheimer disease develops differently in every individual but still shows some common symptoms.

• The person may suffer from age related concern that leads to stress.The person may feel difficulty in remembering recent events.
• As the disease advances,confusion may be a symptom of this.A person may also feel irritability,mood swing,aggression, trouble with the language and long term memory loss.
• As the condition advance,the patient may withdraw from family and society.The functioning of the body may also got affected that ultimately leads to death.
• It's very difficult to predict that how the disease will affect the individual because the disease is different for each individual.
• Alzheimer reduce the life expectancy. The sufferers live for approximately seven years.Less than three percent lives for 14 years.
• Alzheimer disease causes are not well known so far but the researches indicate that this disease is associated with plaques and tangles in the brain.There is no treatment available that can stop or reverse the process of the disease.Doctors suggest mental stimulation,exercise and balanced diet to delay the symptoms in healthy older individuals.
• Alzheimer disease pose great burden on care givers.It's a degenerative condition.

This disease can be divided into four stages
• Pre-dementia
• Early
• Moderate
• Advanced

• Alzheimer's disease is diagnosed clinically from the patient's history.It includes memory testing that characterizes the state of the disease.It's very difficult to diagnose it in the early stages.
• Alzheimer disease affects communication between the nerve cells.Alzheimer disease can destroy all nerve tissues of the patient that results in the shrinking of mental health and thus affects the functionality of memory.
• The part of brain which got affected by memory shrinking is called hippo campus.This part is essential for the formulation of new memories and maintains its working.Cortex is also another part of the brain that got affected from this.

Alzheimer is among the biggest worries of people above 65.It's a chronic disorder.Alzheimer disease video can prove to be a beneficial method in providing relevant information about Alzheimer disease facts and Alzheimer disease causes.

For more information related to alzheimer please visit : alzheimer disease video, alzheimer disease causes, alzheimer disease facts and medical animation
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